Know How To Grow Your Business

Do you know how to grow your business or do you need help?

Are you frustrated by a lack of fans, friends or followers?
Are you stressed about a lack of sales?
Are you concerned about your competitor’s activities?

You need to tackle your business growth with a simple 4 step process –

1. WHERE: Identify where you are in your business now today, identify the areas where you’re not taking responsibility and be aware of your reactions to external stimuli, people and events. You need to wake up to the fact that its your business that you’re running. You’re in control – you make the decisions you need to decide to take responsibility and lead its growth.

2. WHAT: Identify the difference between pleasure and happiness, and to become aware of the indicators, the patterns, the spirals, and to identify the gifts you can offer others to solve other’s pains and problems, THEN what you want to achieve in terms of material gain and more importantly….the EXPERIENCES you want to experience as a result of having achieved your objectives.

3. WHY: You need to identify the resistance in your business activities and why you havent achieved your goals and obectives. You need to identify the real issues and address them – not ignore or run away from them

4. HOW: You need to apply a simple, profound, and powerful plan of action to address what is identified in step 3 to break down limiting beliefs, and to give yourself a first step goal in their renewed sense of purpose, for now you know what needs fixing and how you need to feel and be- you crack on and fix it.

An interesting checklist on how to grow your business by Fraser Hay
is available below to help those wanting to grow their business.

Click the link below.

How to Grow Your Business.